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SEO,SEM,SMO Depends on the Observation & Key Skills of Any Bloggers & Webmaster Willingness

Today I have hang outed with top most SEO specialist & E-marketer from Bangladesh Jabed Shobeb who is popularly known as Onnoysomoy in online world of internet who has replied with me very friendly with simple methods.A few queries and replies here for readers:-
BloggersTech:-What is SEO and why need SEO to blog or website ?
Jabed Shobeb :-SEO means Search Engine Optimization(SEO).SEO needs for get a higher traffic rank on the different top listed search engine within very short time.Some time SEO promote your online business too.
BloggersTech:- Can any one write HTML code by hand?
Jabed Shobeb :- Yes any one can.It can use some WYSIWYG editors and then modify the code by hand as needed to bloggers or webmasters.
BloggersTech:- What is the PageRank algorithm ?
Jabed Shobeb :- Larry Page has invented it for Stanford University but later Google acquired it.Simple terms,Google uses the gross number of inbound links to a page to determine how important the page is. This “pagerank” has little to do with actual search results but can make a difference on user behavior.
Have any one can create any SEO tools either from scratch or pieced together from others?
Jabed Shobeb :-  No,It can use of many tools already available on the internet as well as SEO programs.
BloggersTech:- What do you think of PageRank?
Jabed Shobeb :- In relation to SEO projects,it is relatively unimportant but can give an indication of how much work needs to be done in gaining inbound links.
BloggersTech:-  What do you think of using XML site maps?
Jabed Shobeb :- It useful to bloggers or webmasters.They are an additional tool to help the search engines when they crawl a site. There is no requirement for any sitemap and your pages will get indexed without them if you pay close attention to navigation within any site.
BloggersTech:-  What SEO tools more useful bloggers or website owners ?
Jabed Shobeb :-   Keyword analysis tools,keyword density tools,index checking,backlink checking,wordprocessor to check spelling and grammar,HTML validation and many others.
BloggersTech:- What are the advice to newbie in SEO field ?
Jabed Shobeb :- Go ahead with asking own self about website or blog what is that and what has on it .Sketch in mind implement the pre sketched project.
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1.Did you work on PPC?
2.Is sitemap usefull for Seo?
3.Do you know HTML Coading?
4.Explain your seo Experience?
5.Can you write HTML code by hand?
6.Did you work on PPC?
7.Is sitemap usefull for Seo?
8.Do you knew HTML Coading?
9.Explain your seo Experience?
10.Can you write HTML code by hand?
11.What Seo tools do you generally use?
12.Explain importance of meta tags in seo?
13.Why are you leaving your current seo job?
14.Have you attended any seo conferences?
15.What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
16.Give me a description of your general SEO experience.
17.What role do social media play in an SEO strategy?
18.Explain how META tags issue in today’s SEO world?
19.What kind of SEO strategies do you mainly implement for back links?
20.What do you suppose is many about making an effort for an SEO agency vs.working at SEO in-house?
21.To what extent do you suppose seo is effective?
22.As a seo consultant Do you consider yourself as creative?
23.Have you ever prepared proposal for seo clients? if yes can   you give me one proposal now?
24.What are the problems you have to manage in seo industy?
25.How do you scrutinize whether an seo campaign is working?
26.In what area of seo are you solid ? And what area of seo you are weak?
27.What seo blogs and Forums do you read ?
28.Do you own experience in social media optimization?
29.How far do you think social media optimization help a website to achive top position in search engines?
30.As a seo consultant what do you prefer google / yahoo/ bing ?
31.Do you have Knowledge of Static as well as Dynamic Website Optimization ?
32.Do you have experience in follow Writing and can you provide some writing Sample?
33.What is the role of social bookmarking sites in Seo?
34.What do you mean by social networking Traffic? How do they help for website seo?
35.Have you done any Videp Submissions and Video Promotions.?
36.Explain how is page rank and explain web site rank algoritham?
37.Explain me the steps you imitate for optimizing a website?
38.For what clientele you have done seo? Are you successful in working at seo for them?
39.What is link building ? Link buying?
40.What kind of activities do you for the most part implement for generating back links for a website?
41.Why do we use nofollow on an internal link?
42.What do you make for by competitor analysis and what techniques do you use?
43.How several end keywords should a website have? Or how many target keywords do you signal for a website?
44.How do you help your customer to decide budget allocation for seo and pay-per-click?
45.Do you experience your own blogs? Do you do any seo freelance works ?
46.How do you deal with your client if he do not covet to implement your seo recommendations?
47.Could you briefly explain the Page Rank algorithm? And how do you think of Page Rank?
48.What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
49.Do you own experience in copywriting and can you return one or two writing samples?
50.Explain various steps that you would take to optimize a website?
51.Have you always had something you’ve written connect with the front-page of Digg? Or Stumbled?
52.Why might you want to use no follow on an internal link?
53.What do you think about link buying?
54.What neighborhoods do you think are currently the most central in organically ranking a Web Site?
55.Who are the two key individuals – who began Google?
56.What is the difference between PageRank and Toolbar PageRank?

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